About the Conference

The 27th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing, IWSSIP 2020, Niterói, RJ, Brazil, initially scheduled for June 3 to 5 in will be held from July 1 to 3, 2020 to accommodate both in person as well as online presentations due to restrictions on travel and mobility related to the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of attendees is paramount. For this reason, the conference will be held in the Buildings of the Computer Institute - IC, inside the campus of the Federal Fluminense University – UFF following the recommendations of maximum persons per each room and all other health orientations of the Niterói city and Brazilian Federal government. The Auditorium, video conference rooms, laboratories, internet access, and computer facilities of the IC/UFF will be available to attendees that can and desire be there during the event. Remote attendance and presentations by the internet are also an available options in case of traveling restriction due to coronavirus.

It is essential to highlight that if the Brazilian government imposes more restrictive health orientations in the following weeks, organizers will have to transform the in-person component of IWSSIP 2020 into an all-digital conference experience.

IWSSIP is an international conference that brings together researchers and developers from both academia and industry reporting the latest scientific and theoretical advances to discuss and debate major issues and state-of-the-art aspects on systems, signals and image processing. The IWSSIP in Niteroi, this year, will follow the success of previous occurrences in Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Chalkida, Dubrovnik, London, Manchester, Maribor, Osijek, Poznan, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Sarajevo, Vienna, and Zagreb.

The program will include invited lectures, tutorials, video or online presentations of peer-reviewed accepted papers of the conference or the Smart Cities special session.

Keynote Speakers

Panos Liatsis

Khalifa University, UAE

The description of this talk will be available soon.

Home Page at Khalifa University.

Jonathan Huang

Google Inc. CA, USA

The description of this talk will be available soon.

Javier Felip Leon

Intel Labs, OR, USA

The description of this talk will be available soon.


Aristofanes Correa Silva

UFMA, Brazil

Luis Fernando Marin

PUC-Rio, Brazil

Being Meta-Learning the study of methods based on principles that explore the Meta-Knowledge to obtain efficient models and solutions, adapting the processes of Machine Learning and Data Mining. this tutorial presents how researchers can analyze and use in many applications the advantages offered by Meta-Learning in field of digital signal and image processing.

Andre B. Cavalcante

UFMA, Brazil


Honorary Chair

Branka Zovko-Cihlar
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
University of Zagreb, Croatia

General Chairs

Aura Conci - UFF
Leandro A. F. Fernandes - UFF

Publication Chairs

Anselmo C. Paiva - UFMA
Erick S. Delvizio - IEEE RJ Section
Geraldo Braz Jr. - UFMA
João Dallyson S. Almeida - UFMA
Leandro A. F. Fernandes - UFF
Renato Manuel Natal Jorge - FEUP

International Program Committee

  • Aura CONCi
  • Žarko ČUČEJ
  • Marek DOMAŃSKI
  • Touradj EBRAHIMI
  • Dušan GLEICH
  • Mislav GRGIĆ
  • Sonja GRGIĆ
  • Ebroul IZQUIERDO
  • Dimitrios KARRAS
  • Aggelos KATSAGGELO
  • Erich LEITGEB
  • Fabiana LETA
  • Panos LIATSIS
  • Ratislav LUKAC
  • Galya MARINOVA
  • Marta MRAK
  • Ioannis PITAS
  • Snježana RIMAC-DRLJE
  • Gregor ROZINAJ
  • Markus RUPP
  • Angel SANCHEZ
  • Martin SLANINA
  • Ryszard STASIŃSKI
  • Boris ŠIMAK
  • Rodica TUDUCE
  • Ján TURÁN
  • Stamatis VOLIOTIS
  • Krzysztof WAJDA
  • Yo-Sung HO
  • Theodore ZAHARIADIS

Local Program Committee

  • Adriel Santos - UFF
  • Alan Kubrusly - PUC-Rio
  • Anna de Falco - PUC-Rio
  • Anselmo Cardoso de Paiva - UFMA
  • Antônio J. Silva Neto - UERJ
  • Artur L. Andrade - UFF
  • Célio V. Neves de Albuquerque - UFF
  • Creto Vidal - UFC
  • Débora Saade - UFF
  • Diego Brandão - CEFET/RJ
  • Djenane Pamplona - PUC-Rio
  • Dorimar Cardoso Tirre - UFF
  • Eldman O. Nunes - UNIFACS
  • Esteban Clua - UFF
  • Evandro Ottoni - UFES
  • Fátima Nunes - USP
  • Flávia Cristine H. Pastura - INT/MCTIC
  • Flávio Luiz Seixas - UFF
  • Gilson Giraldi - LNCC
  • Jose Ramon - UFF
  • Jose Raphael Bokehi - UFF
  • Leandro A. F. Fernandes - UFF
  • Luiz Marcos G. Goncalves - UFRN
  • Maira B. M. Hernandes - UFF
  • Maria Cristina P. L. Zamberlan - INT/MCTIC
  • Mateus Monteiro - UFF
  • Natalia Castro Fernandes - UFF
  • Oumar Diene - UFRJ / IEEE RJ Section
  • Raul Queiroz - PUC-Rio
  • Renato Manuel Natal Jorge - FEUP-Porto
  • Roger Resmini - UFMT
  • Simone Vasconcelos - IFF
  • Vania Vidal - UFC
  • Yona Lopes - UFF

Divulgation and Communication Committee

  • Adriel Santos - UFF
  • Anna de Falco - PUC-Rio
  • Dorimar Cardoso Tirre - UFF
  • Mateus Monteiro - UFF

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