iwssip 2020

june 3-5

the 27th international conference

on systems, signals and

image processing

About the conference

The 27th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing, IWSSIP 2020 will be held in Niterói, metropolitan region of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 03 to 05. The conference will be hosted by Federal Fluminense University, Institute of Computing (UFF/IC)

IWSSIP brings together researchers and developers from both academia and industry to report on the latest scientific and theoretical advances to discuss and debate major issues and to demonstrate state-of-the-art systems. IWSSIP 2020 will follow the successful events previously held in Budapest, Manchester, Poznan, Zagreb, Bratislava, Maribor, Bucharest, Prague, Chalkida, Rio de Janeiro, Sarajevo, Vienna, Dubrovnik, London and Osijek.

The program will include keynote talks presented by eminent experts in the field and presentations of peer reviewed contributed papers. Several special sessions will be organized during the conference. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers to these special sessions.

Dorina Popovici

- University Politehnica of Bucharesti, Romania -

Title: Bio-stimulation and Physiologic Effects of Low Laser Therapy

This talk starts with Physics of Lasers. Then it considers components of all Lasers and Laser properties. The five phenomena when a laser beam projected to tissue are explained. Then you will know about photocoagulation, photo-vaporization, and how the selective absorption works. Application in dermatology and in dentistry are discussed

Elhadj Benkhelifa

- Stafforshire University, UK -

Coming soon

The IWSSIP 2020 Conference indicates the accommodations of Hotel H

With one of the most beautiful views in Rio de Janeiro, H Niterói Hotel is the best choice for your stay in the city. With a strategic location, complete infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, excellent services, comfortable rooms and suites with balcony with amazing views of the Sugar Loaf.


Honorary Chair

- Branka Zovko-Cihlar

Publication Co-Chairs

- Anselmo C. Paiva - UFMA
- Erick S. Delvizio - IEEE RJ Section
- Geraldo Braz Jr. - UFMA
- Joao Dallyson S. A. - UFMA
- Leandro A. F. Fernandes - UFF
- Renato M.N. Jorge - FEUP

General Chair

- Professor Aura Conci
Computer Institute
Federal University Fluminense, Brazil



International program committee

  • Behlilovic N., Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Conci A., Brazil
  • Cornelis J., Belgium
  • Cucej Z., Slovenia
  • Domanski M., Poland
  • Ebrahimi T., Switzerland
  • Grgic M., Croatia
  • Grgic S., Croatia
  • Yo-Sung Ho, Korea
  • Izquierdo E., UK
  • Jorge, R.M. N., Portugal
  • Katsaggelos A. K., USA
  • Karras D., Greece
  • Levicky D., Slovakia
  • Liatsis P., UAE
  • Lukac R., Canada
  • Mertzios B., Greece
  • Mrak M., UK
  • Pitas I., Greece
  • Planinšič P., Slovenia
  • Podhradsky P, Slovakia
  • Rimac-Drlje, S. Croatia
  • Rosinaj G., Slovakia
  • Rupp M., Austria
  • Sanchez A., Spain
  • Stasinsky R., Poland
  • Šimák B., Czech Republic
  • Tuduce R, Romania
  • Turán J., Slovakia
  • Voliotis S., Greece
  • Wajda K., Poland
  • Yo-Sung HO, Korea
  • Zahariaids T, Greece
  • Zovko-cihlar B., Croatia

Local program committee

  • Adriel Santos - UFF
  • Alan Kubrusly - PUC-Rio
  • Anna de Falco - PUC-Rio
  • Anselmo Cardoso de Paiva - UFMA
  • Antônio J. Silva Neto - UERJ
  • Artur L. Andrade - UFF
  • Célio V. Neves de Albuquerque - UFF
  • Creto Vidal - UFC
  • Débora Saade - UFF
  • Diego Brandão - CEFET/RJ
  • Djenane Pamplona - PUC-Rio
  • Dorimar Cardoso Tirre - UFF
  • Eldman O. Nunes - UNIFACS
  • Evandro Ottoni - UFES
  • Fátima Nunes - USP
  • Flávia Cristine H. Pastura - INT/MCTIC
  • Flávio Luiz Seixas - UFF
  • Gilson Giraldi - LNCC
  • Jose Ramon - UFF
  • Jose Raphael Bokehi - UFF
  • Leandro A. F. Fernandes - UFF
  • Luiz Marcos G. Goncalves - UFRN
  • Maira B. M. Hernandes - UFF
  • Maria Cristina P. L. Zamberlan - INT/MCTIC
  • Mateus Monteiro - UFF
  • Natalia Castro Fernandes - UFF
  • Oumar Diene - UFRJ/ IEEE RJ Section
  • Raul Queiroz - PUC-Rio
  • Renato Manuel Natal Jorge - FEUP- Porto
  • Roger Resmini - UFMT
  • Simone Vasconcelos - IFF
  • Vania Vidal - UFC

Divulgation and communication committee

  • Adriel Santos - UFF
  • Anna de Falco - PUC-Rio
  • Dorimar Cardoso Tirre - UFF
  • Mateus Monteiro - UFF

topics of


  • Signal Processing
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Speech and Audio Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Multimedia
  • Network
  • Security
  • Wireless Communications
  • Modern ICT in E-learning

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